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Our Vision for Empowering Businesses, Across Mobile and Beyond

By Gretchen Dukowitz / July 15, 2014

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We recently announced new capabilities that extend the advanced features and functionality of AppDirect’s platform to mobile devices. It was an exciting opportunity to talk about how our technology is at the forefront of innovation that enables seamless interoperability across cloud and mobile technologies. Now, businesses and end users can get the benefits of cloud and mobile without needing to prioritize one over the other.

However, AppDirect’s vision to help empower businesses goes far beyond mobile devices. Giving users easy access to powerful, relevant tools is at the core of everything we do. Our technology makes this consumer-like experience a reality for millions of businesses around the globe, and as many of our partnerships show, a world where users can access best-of-breed business applications regardless of company size or complexity is possible today.

Watch our latest video to learn more about this vision and see how we work with companies to help them deliver on the promise of a truly connected software ecosystem.