NoNotes Creates Meeting Transcripts So Attendees Can Focus on Collaboration

By Doriane Mouret / July 26, 2011

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According to research from Microsoft, the average worker spends nearly six hours of every week in meetings, with 25 million meetings occurring in the U.S. each day.

Attendees take notes to capture the knowledge generated and value created, but in the heat of debate or collaboration, note taking can become a secondary priority. Crucial details can get lost in the flow of conversation—delaying necessary action, missing a potential innovation and leaving an incomplete record for those who could not attend.

That's what makes NoNotes such a valuable tool. NoNotes is a high-quality, low-cost transcription and translation solution that transforms audio files into text. Simply record your meeting and upload the file and NoNotes will return a word-for-word transcript that can then be distributed, searched and stored for your records. Now, attendees can use NoNotes to compose a complete review of the meeting and make deeper analysis of the discussions.

Outside of the conference room, NoNotes can create a transcript from a URL for any video or audio file online. And the app provides translation services for more than 80 languages at a low cost. Looking for the perfect tool for to increase the effectiveness of your company's meetings? Learn more about NoNotes by watching a demo on AppDirect today.