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News Roundup: New Report on the State of Global Digital Transformation

By Ideas @ AppDirect / August 22, 2018

Digital Economy News Roundup 2

Here’s a selection of recent digital economy news from around the world that we’re talking about at AppDirect.

The Global State of Digital Transformation: Survey

Tim Sandle, Digital Journal, August 12, 2018

“Fujitsu has released a new survey on the global state of digital transformation, drawing on a recent survey of 1,535 C-level executives working in enterprises of different sizes and scope, from across 16 countries… [T]he research is designed to provide insights into the global state of digital transformation.” Read more.

Tips on Digitally Transforming a Sales Force from GE, IBM, Cisco

Paul Demery, DigitalCommerce360, August 17, 2018

All three of the companies, for instance, kick off innovative projects with a limited group of sales reps in order to test and build support for new strategies within a ‘receptive subset’ of their sales forces. ‘This approach eases the cultural shift of shedding legacy systems and creates advocates to help the adoption and rollout of new technologies,” the report says, adding: “Digital sales transformation requires new and more creative ways of collaborating.’” Read more.

Here's How Companies Waste $28M on Digital Transformation Projects Per Year

By Macy Brown, TechRepublic, August 14, 2018

“Pressure for organizations to engage with digital transformation projects is mounting. In fact, some 90% of companies are working on AI projects to better their businesses. Organizations are also starting to feel like digital transformation is synonymous with relevancy: 86% of respondents agree that businesses have to adapt to digital transformations in the next 12 months to stay in the game, according to the report.” Read more.

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