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News Roundup: How to Spot a Failing Digital Transformation Project

By Ideas @ AppDirect / July 30, 2018

Digital Economy News Roundup 2

Here’s a selection of recent digital economy news from around the world that we’re talking about at AppDirect.

How to Spot a Failing Digital Transformation Project

Sandra Vogel, ItPro UK, July 23, 2018

“[C]ompleting a digital transformation project successfully isn't easy—it takes time, energy, resources and commitment. Mistakes aren't necessarily a bad thing, though, as they can be a very useful part of the learning process… But when it comes to digital transformation, the consequences of getting something wrong can be much bigger, so how do you spot mistakes and avert disaster?” Read more.

Canadian Firms at Risk of Falling Behind on Digital Transformation, IDC Study Finds

James McLeod, Financial Post, July 19, 2018

“New research from IDC Canada finds that Canadian executives need to embrace digital transformation and risk-taking to remain globally competitive, and the rate of adoption varies widely when it comes to major tech trends. Some sectors of the economy, notably retail, are at risk of falling behind, IDC Canada found, with 77 per cent of retailers having no strategy for innovation.” Read more.

Managed IT at Tipping Point, CRN MSP Trends Report Finds

Doug Woodburn, ChannelWeb UK, July 24, 2018

“The appetite for managed and outsourced services has grown to the extent that larger organizations believe their internal team will on average soon be managing less than half of their IT estates. That's according to CRN's inaugural MSP Trends Report.” Read more.

Digital Champions

Reinhard Geissbauer, Stefan Schrauf, and Steve Pillsbury, strategy+business, July 26, 2018

“Industry 4.0 is becoming as essential as lean strategy: If you can’t claim to have mastered it, you may be out of the game. But of companies in the most relevant sectors—makers of automobiles, consumer goods, electronics, and industrial equipment, along with engineering and process industries—only about 10 percent have mastered the strategic, operational, and cultural changes necessary to make Industry 4.0 succeed.” Read more.

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