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News Roundup: The Dawn of the Platform Economy in FinServ

By Ideas @ AppDirect / September 28, 2018

Digital Economy News Roundup 2

Here’s a selection of recent digital economy news from around the world that we’re talking about at AppDirect.

The Dawn of the Platform Economy in Financial Services

Eli Rosner,, September 26, 2018

“What’s needed now is fast and bold decision-making, new outside-in thinking and top-down cultural change. Technology is the enabler, and it opens up a whole world of new opportunities. Today it’s all about speed—so who will be the quickest off the blocks?” Read more.

The Biggest Insights and Trends in Digital Transformation for 2019

Dion Hinchcliffe, ZDNet, September 24, 2018

“Perhaps the biggest surprise of all about digital transformation isn't that large scale change is hard. It's safe to say that's now well established and widely known. It's how to do it repeatably and sustainably that appears to be the key.” Read more.

3 Digital Transformation Mistakes Manufacturers Make – and How to Avoid Them

David Hunter,, September 25, 2018

“While it’s clear that manufacturers in almost all industrial sectors need to apply a digital strategy to remain competitive, there are a few hurdles to overcome in this journey. In my experience, there are three major factors that are responsible for creating the most resistance to digital transformation.” Read more.

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