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News Roundup: 100-Year-Old Companies Better at Digital Transformation?

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Jul 10, 2018

Digital Economy News Roundup 2

Here’s a selection of recent digital economy news from around the world that we’re talking about at AppDirect.

Planning for Successful Digital Transformation? Go Past the Cloud Natives

Divina Paredes, CIO, July 4, 2018

“Interestingly, when Pucciarelli talks about organizations that have been more successful than others in their digital transformation, he points to companies that have been operating for decades, or even more than 100 years. … 'Today, there are engineers in every business unit and they do not even think about it. That is the model that is going to succeed for digital transformation.'” Read more.

Old-School Industries Take a Lead from Platforms

Stephen Armstrong,, July 2, 2018

“[T]he platform dynamic starts getting interesting when it is adopted by established firms with real assets (and real businesses that may be threatened). The question older industries are asking is: can we steal the start-ups’ clothes and build our own platforms?” Read more.

Businesses Failing the Digital Transformation Test

David Murphy,, July 4, 2018

“Only 39 percent of businesses feel they have the digital capabilities, and only 35 percent the leadership capabilities needed to make their digital transformation journey a success. Those are the key findings of a new study from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute. The report… reveals that while companies are making progress on evolving their customer experience, they are struggling to transform their back-end operations." Read more.

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