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New Survey Points to the Huge Impact of Digital Transformation

By Ideas @ AppDirect / May 16, 2018

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Last month, Dell EMC released the results of a survey that provides some blockbuster new evidence that digital transformation can have a huge impact on an organization. According to the survey, businesses that have digitally transformed are:

  • 22 times faster than competitors when bringing new products and services to market
  • 18 times more likely to make better and faster data-driven decisions than the competition
  • Twice as likely to exceed their revenue goals

Moreover, 81 percent of survey respondents agreed that if they do not embrace digital transformation their organizations will no longer be competitive, while 88 percent said their organization is under pressure to deliver new products and services at an increasing rate.

81% of executives say that if they do not embrace digital transformation, their organizations will no longer be competitive.

Figures like these are always top of mind at AppDirect, which is one reason we just released a new white paper that takes a closer look at the costs associated with delaying business transformation, particularly for communication services providers (CSPs).

Consider this: A survey of mobile users found that 75 percent would buy mobile services from Amazon, PayPal, or Netflix if those brands offered them. Clearly, digital disruption and loss of market share are big risks for CSPs that decide to wait.

The news isn’t all doom and gloom, however. For CSPs that are proactive about digital transformation, the rewards can be substantial. As the white paper explains: “The top 100 companies reporting the greatest level of transformation say they’re achieving big benefits: 85 percent say they’ve seen increased market share and 80 percent say they’ve increased profitability.”

To get more insights, click to download AppDirect’s new white paper, “The High Cost of Taking a Wait-and-See Approach to Digital Transformation.”

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