New Relic Monitors Your Apps So You Can Get Back to Work

By Doriane Mouret / Apr 15, 2012

New Relic Screenshot

If you were to call Lew Cirne a bit of a visionary, you wouldn’t get any arguments from us. Today, stories detailing the rise of the app are easy to find just about anywhere you look, from tech blogs to analyst reports. But Cirne saw the trend coming 15 years ago when he developed an innovative approach to on-premise application performance management (APM).

After selling his first APM company in 2006, Cirne took a year-long sabbatical and began brainstorming once again. “I found myself thinking that if I were to create a similar solution—a tool that provided 24x7 visibility into live production web applications and their surrounding environment—I would do things a lot differently,” he says. “I'd build a SaaS tool that is easy to implement, and quick as well. I'd price it at a fraction of the cost of traditional APM tools. Finally, I'd make it so useful that customers would fall in love and actually enjoy using it.”

That idea became the seed for a new venture, and in 2008, New Relic was born.

Cirne founded New Relic with the goal of helping developers pinpoint and solve performance issues in their production web applications. New Relic’s beautiful and intuitive solution lets you monitor your app’s performance in its entirety: from your database—SQL or noSQL—through your web transaction tracing, servers, and all the way down to the UX. It measures everything, allowing you and your app to work faster and smarter.

New Relic can provide your team with the kind of power typically associated with on-premise APM software, but with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a SaaS delivery model. With over 45 billion daily metrics captured, New Relic is already trusted by top brands like Mashable, the popular tech blog. “In less than an hour, New Relic was pushing data into the instrumentation for all of our apps,” recalls Frederick Townes, CTO at Mashable. “Then what really made New Relic an asset for us and, by extension, our users, were the comprehensive functionality and elegant integration with our stack and all our tools. Even with the large number of machines we have, New Relic makes it far easier to track down issues caused by edge cases (which any developer will tell you are the hardest to pinpoint) because it provides early warnings and helps us see what’s happening with the apps in great detail.”

New Relic recently partnered with AppDirect to include their solution in our growing catalog of cloud services, and we couldn’t be happier to have them. “By including our tool in AppDirect’s marketplace solution, and enabling one-click installation, it’s easy for users to implement New Relic and take full advantage of the visibility they gain into 24x7 app performance, server resources, third-party systems, and connected databases,” explains Cirne.

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