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My Service Delivery Specialist Internship at AppHelp

By R. J. Stangle / Jan 22, 2015

In the midst of the tumultuous process of filling out job applications and going to interviews, I shaped together what I wanted to gain from my first work internship.

Seeking opportunities to challenge and develop my skills

I was looking to work at a company that would both challenge me and give me exciting opportunities to develop my skills and make a positive impact in the company. Walking out of my interview at AppHelp, I sensed that the company would meet, or likely exceed those expectations. My internship at AppHelp has given me a well-rounded education about service delivery, project management and engineering.

Develop leadership and communication skills

I began my internship at AppHelp by setting a few key objectives for myself:

  • Build strong communication skills in order to speak to an audience with confidence and charisma,
  • Learn how to organize my time more efficiently to maximize productivity,
  • Push myself to take initiative and leadership by generating new ideas and discussion within my team.

My mandate as a Service Delivery Specialist

As a Service Delivery Specialist, my mandate was to generate new ideas to improve our existing services. I worked closely with our partners and the product and engineering teams, leading the requirements, analysis and design of service improvements ideas across their full development cycle. I also supported the operations team by responding to support escalations or other operational requests from our different partners.

A well-rounded learning experience

In the last 6 months, I’ve mastered the canons of Agile, a dynamic and adaptable project management approach, which helped me manage my time and unleash my productivity to its full potential. I was also given many opportunities to be the voice of AppHelp when presenting a product or an idea to customers.

Any interaction with a customer involves real stakes and thus, I grasped the importance of leaving a positive impression and positioning the product appropriately. Finally, I developed skills for working within a team and gained a complete understanding of the business, which enabled me to ideate and develop new improvements aligned with corporate goals and priorities.

An exciting and fun environment to work in

Friendly, open, dynamic and festive are all adjectives that best describe the working environment at AppHelp. I had the pleasure to work with intelligent and interesting people and build lasting business connections.

But let me skip straight to the important part: the kitchen.

It is fully loaded with all you can eat cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, soda, candy, nutella, bread, enough coffee and espresso to give you wings, have I missed anything?

Oh yes, the beer tap!

Yes, you read that right, you can pour yourself a cold one on special occasions, which, at AppHelp basically means every week or so. However, do prepare yourself to: 1. Gain weight and 2. Be forever disappointed by the contents of your own fridge at home.

Should you choose to live the healthy lifestyle, you can benefit from free Rushfit, yoga and massage sessions. Sold already? I thought so.

Advice for future interns

My advice to you fellow future interns, whether you’re applying for an internship at AppHelp or anywhere else: Be confident and positive, but more importantly, be yourself in interviews. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to probe what will be expected of you and what the work environment is like. This simple advice will help you in choosing the internship that will best satisfy your objectives and expectations.

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