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Mozy Meets the Needs of Diverse SMBs with Backup Solutions

By Stuart Cohen / September 22, 2017

Spotlight Mozy

Key Facts

  • App name: Mozy
  • Industry: Cloud Backup
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Data loss can have a major impact on a business. In a recent report, Verizon found that losing 100 records can cost an organization an average of up to $40,000, while a larger loss of 100 million records can cost more than $15 million.

Today’s businesses are understandably concerned about keeping their data safe, which is why backup is the most popular cloud storage solution, used by 63 percent of companies. Even so, there is still a surprising number of companies—36 percent—that don’t back up their data at all.

No matter which end of the spectrum a company falls on, Mozy has a cloud backup solution tailored to fit its needs. A part of Dell, Mozy offers a range of products to serve its diverse customer base: MozyPro for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), MozyEnterprise for large companies, and MozyHome for personal use.

Each product features automatic cloud backup, easy-to-use admin tools, and military-grade security. The company also offers a variety of solutions to meet the backup needs of any-size business, including:

  • Desktop and Laptop Backup
  • Remote and Branch Office Backup
  • Server Backup
  • File Sync
  • Mobile
  • SaaS Data Protection

Today, six million individuals and 100,000 businesses back up more than 100 petabytes of information to Mozy data centers around the world. You can learn more about what Mozy has to offer at its website:

You can also learn more about why Mozy decided to partner with AppDirect below.

Stuart Cohen is Senior Program Manager, AppDistribution Programs at AppDirect.