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Moving Faster with Microsoft and Samsung

By Dan Saks / March 22, 2015

Moving  Faster  Microsoft  Samsung  V2

Samsung and Microsoft made news headlines today with the announcement of a major partnership. Microsoft cloud solutions, including Office 365, will now come bundled with Samsung KNOX on Samsung mobile devices.

We’re proud to partner with both of these technology leaders to power sales and provisioning of Microsoft cloud solutions. Last year, Samsung chose AppDirect as the platform technology for its KNOX Marketplace, an online store that offers industry-leading KNOX security solutions and other business applications, as well as tools to provision and administer these products on mobile devices. Now, KNOX customers can get even more value with easy access to Microsoft products.

“When we launched the KNOX Marketplace last year, our goal was to establish the ultimate destination for businesses looking to access and manage mobile solutions on a user-friendly platform,” said Rick Segal, Vice President of the Enterprise Business Team, IT, and Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Working with AppDirect, we can now provide even more value to our KNOX customers with the world’s leading productivity solutions, including Microsoft Office 365.”

Last week, we announced the launch of AppDirect Express, our new program to enable providers to become Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers quickly and easily. It’s been gratifying to work with Microsoft—a company that is so strongly aligned with our vision for business enablement—for these major initiatives. Samsung has created a great video to show how these partnerships are coming together to provide convenient, secure access to Microsoft products for millions of users. Click the play button below to view.

We are thrilled to partner with the world’s largest software company to enable cloud solution sales for the leader in enterprise mobility, but the significance of today’s news goes beyond AppDirect. The cloud service ecosystem, and cloud service commerce in general, only works—and will only succeed in the long run—if it is fast and easy for all sides to participate. These announcements get everyone one step closer to making that ultimate vision of a seamless cloud service ecosystem a reality.

Daniel Saks is co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect.