Check Your Web Pages for Browser Compatibility with Mogotest

By Doriane Mouret / Aug 17, 2011

Mogotest Screenshot

You know there are a lot of different ways to browse the Internet. Users have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other browsers to choose from. If you already developed your own website, you likely had to develop a solution for browser compatibility. Business owners need to be sure their websites will show up the same way no matter what operating system and browser a visitor uses.

This is even complicated when your website is in several languages. Text rendering changes from browser to another, from language to language. We know this firsthand: The AppDirect website is available in both French and English. When we were getting ready to launch, we searched for an application that could quickly reveal if our website was compatible to any browser -- no matter which language the visitor would be using. And we found one.

Mogotest, an app offering automated browser compatibility testing, helped the AppDirect team quickly see if our webpages showed up correctly in various browsers. If we discovered a break, we could quickly drill down for more information to aid in fixing the problem. This smart application also secured test pages located behind a firewall to avoid revealing content that was still in progress. Finally, Mogotest checks for dead links, broken pages, redirect loops, and other common deployment problems.

“Mogotest is definitely QA and front-end developer friendly,” says Sneha Agnihotri, who leads testing and quality assurance of the application marketplace and developer portal at AppDirect. “I personally like the Mogotest Bookmarklet feature where a tester can test any HTML page on the go. Testing a page with just a click of a button is a huge plus. The reports are very detailed and effectively communicate the issues present in a site.”

Make sure you launch a perfect website: Try Mogotest for free on AppDirect, and give us your feedback.