MindQuilt Encourages Experts to Share Knowledge

By Doriane Mouret / May 24, 2011

Mindquilt Screenshot

Institutional knowledge is earned from the expertise and ideas workers express throughout the workday. But if that expertise is not available to the rest of your staff -- especially in the era of virtual teams, flexible work hours, and mobile computing -- then the company's productivity suffers. And guess what? Many workers are not sharing what they know. According to a recent study, one of the main reasons employees conceal is that organizations fail to reward and recognize experts who share.

MindQuilt changes this dynamic by making collaboration a game and rewarding sharing. This enterprise knowledge management platform find experts within an organization and encourages them to participate in answering questions in an entertaining and innovative way. Here's how it works: First, users with queries are encouraged to browse an organization’s knowledge base, organized by question, topic, or contributor. If they can't find answers, they can then directly query the workforce in the top search bar. MindQuilt matches keywords in the search string and display existing answers to similar questions.

Users who still need additional insight can then publish their questions. MindQuilt will route their requests, based on keyword matching, to experts within the organization, asking for a response. Experts who answer question will receive points for sharing their knowledge, earn recognition badges to display on their MindQuilt profiles and even get additional compensation or prizes to be determined by management. Also, the completed query will be published to the existing knowledge base for others to benefit from in the future.

This brilliant idea for bringing gaming dynamics to knowledge management could transform the way teams work and increase their productivity. Visit AppDirect to start a free trial of MindQuilt today.