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By Melissa Olague / Dec 02, 2013

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Working at a computer everyday can be tough on your body, and it’s even tougher when you’re in an awesome office surrounded by comfy swivel chairs, beanbags, and couches that give you every excuse to spend all day sitting down. But recently, AppDirectors have taken on a new challenge: Incorporating fitness into our everyday routines, thanks to our holistic wellness initiative, Mind Body Spirit, here at our San Francisco headquarters.

One major component of the program was our Step by Step Challenge, where we encouraged the team to walk 2,540 miles, the distance from San Francisco to Boulder, Colorado—where Standing Cloud is located—and back in less than three weeks. We thought it would be a great way to welcome Standing Cloud to the AppDirect family, especially since it was a fitness challenge everyone could be involved in, regardless of location. We passed out pedometers to the 40 folks who decided to participate, and using our FitBits, RunKeepers, and Omrons, we logged over 3,000 miles as a team!

During the span of our Mind Body Spirit program, one of our conference areas was transformed into the “Rest & Relaxation Room,” and was outfitted with yoga mats and balls, foam stretching rollers, and tennis balls to make taking a stretching or yoga break easy. We also had a nutritionist and fitness trainer from the Bay Club visit our office to speak about managing nutrition and fitness in your everyday life. To get the most out of San Francisco’s limited summer, we ate our (nutritious!) lunches outside in the sun and explored St. Mary’s Square, a quaint little park right across the street.

For the mind portion of the initiative, we gave ourselves a mental workout at two nights of pub trivia at Elephant and Castle here in the Financial District. We also had a few in-office events—including a tailor who stopped by to do on-site fittings, and a day where our team could get free flu shots—both of which helped to put our minds at ease.

Our Mind Body Spirit program is over for the time being, but AppDirectors are still finding creative ways to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. Some continue to use their FitBits and step one-upmanship is a daily battle. As always, we also have our Wednesday night workouts with Patrick Savage at the Bay Club, which are known for their infamous squat competitions and intense burpee sets. We’re striving to keep a healthy work-life balance—even if that means sacrificing a little bit of comfy beanbag time.

Melissa Olague is a human resources and executive support coordinator at AppDirect.