Microsoft, AppDirect, and the Future of Cloud

By Richard Dufty / Aug 12, 2014

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Last month, members of the AppDirect team were among more than 16,000 who gathered in Washington, D.C., for the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. It was an impressive show, with a grand stage, big names, visionary keynotes, and the chance to be at the center of a fast-growing, rapidly changing universe of Microsoft technologies.

For AppDirect, it was especially valuable to be able to interact with partners on a more personal level. That’s why our team hosted a networking event the day before the official open of WPC. More than 100 people came to City Tap House in the heart of D.C to meet, mingle, and watch the final game of the World Cup. It was a great atmosphere for conversations about how the cloud is reshaping global business.

Clearly, Microsoft will play a huge part in making those changes a reality. SharePoint, its cloud-based project collaboration tool, is already a $2 billion business, while Office 365 is its “fastest growing commercial product ever,” according to the company. And that doesn’t even touch on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platform, or the numerous on-premise cloud solutions it offers.

But, Microsoft can’t do it alone. As Phil Sorgen, the company’s Corporate VP of its Worldwide Partner Group, said in his keynote, “We want you with us. There is so much opportunity out there, and I’ve never been more confident in our ability to succeed together. So, let’s go win it together.”

The sheer size of that opportunity is one reason Microsoft partners with companies like AppDirect. Our leading platform enables providers to offer Office 365 and other Microsoft products more quickly, cost effectively, and with a better user experience than ever before. With Microsoft’s intense focus on cloud, AppDirect is poised to enable even more providers worldwide.

We’re proud of the innovative features that make AppDirect technology an ideal solution for delivering Microsoft products. However, we also realize it’s the strength of our partnerships—with Microsoft, service providers, and other ISVs—that matter just as much. While at WPC, we had the chance to talk to some of our partners about why these relationships are so critical for success. Watch the video below, and stay tuned for more exciting announcements about our work with Microsoft in the near future. You can also click here to download more information about delivering Office 365 with AppDirect.

Richard Dufty is the VP of Worldwide Sales and Strategic Partnerships at AppDirect.