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Meet Ringo: A Hacked Amazon Mayday for Mobile Apps

By Mary / Jul 10, 2014

Named the most innovative smartphone of 2014, Amazon’s Fire Phone has a host of neat features that are paving the way for how people interact with their phones. More importantly, the level of service people will come to expect from their technology. With this in mind, we built Ringo – an Amazon Mayday for mobile apps.

Mayday was released as a Kindle Fire support feature in 2013, allowing users to summon a live video chat with a service rep in less than 10 seconds… 9.75 seconds to be precise. That same technology has been integrated into the Fire Phone, offering one-tap access to customer service agents who can talk to phone users via video chat. Agents can take control of the phone and annotate the screen to help users resolve issues and ultimately be more successful with their phones.

Salesforce also launched its own live video support app, Service SOS, letting users of any supported mobile app for iOS and Android get personal support through a video call.

But if you’re not in the market for a Fire Phone and $65 per user/ per month to work with SOS feels a little steep, we’ve been working away at our own free Mayday-inspired SDK that enables live video chat and screen sharing, Ringo!


Ringo was the winning project of a 2 day Hackathon we held at AppHelp a few of weeks ago. The vision behind Ringo is to help mobile app developers provide better in-app customer engagement and support. When we saw what Amazon was doing with Mayday, it gave us the idea to build a support experience akin to Mayday, specifically for iOS apps.

With Ringo, users can prompt a live video chat with an agent, with two way audio, and the agent can view and sketch on the user’s screen to help them troubleshoot in-app issues.

Ringo is open source, free to use and to customize. This being a Hackathon project, we are driven by the delight of seeing other developers use it, test it, give us feedback and contribute to the code. We would love to see mobile apps creating new support experiences using the code and concepts we open sourced with Ringo.


App developers have the daunting task of not only getting users to install apps, but to keep them installed. If apps are buggy or not user-friendly, the majority of users will uninstall it. Moreover, 80 to 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users. Our premise is that if users had a better in-app support experience we could significantly reduce the frequency of uninstalls and actually nurture deeper connections between app users and app developers. Ringo is one example of how we want to create a more compelling in-app support experience.

Our new product SupportKit is another technology we’ve built to empower app users to be successful with their apps. SupportKit keeps the entire app support experience within the app and gives developers access to data and context about their users’ in-app activities, helping them offer a seamless, personalized and proactive support experience.


We’ve been getting some great feedback about Ringo and now we want to see what you will do with it! If you are a mobile app developer and want to bring a new level of customer experience to your app, give Ringo a try!

The Ringo source code is available on Github so go have some fun with it. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with Ringo!