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Managing The New Reality Of Remote Employees

By / March 19, 2020

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Remote Workers Are The New Majority

As digital businesses have moved toward remote workers over the past decade, many have held off due to the challenges of managing a remote workforce. Now almost all businesses that have the ability to deploy a remote workforce, have been immediately forced to do so.

During such rapid change, how do businesses maintain an organized workplace, when the workforce can have nearly unlimited geographic distribution? To maintain a cohesive organization, employers must implement ways to interact with employees and measure employee engagement in real-time.

What Are The Key Items That Prevent Remote Businesses From Growing?

  • Hiring Resources
    • Having the proper remote & work from home resources.
    • Ramping up and making sure employees are trained and productive.
    • Figuring out how to best manage remote workers over the course of their employment.
  • Growth/Sales
    • Ensuring sales teams focus on opportunities that drive revenue.
    • Getting sales teams to properly engage with CRM tools.

How Can Remote Workers Affect Organizations?

  • Technology Driven Organizations that effectively manage remote employees enjoy a 50% increase in revenue growth.
  • Organizations that are reluctant to evolve, or properly manage remote employees, consistently lag in revenue growth.

On average, organizations that implement remote management tools have seen:

  • 160% increase in Google Docs (from 23 docs to 63 docs/month/employee).
  • 22% increase in GMail activity (from 361 emails to 443 emails/month/employee).
  • 317% increase in Hangouts activity (from 47 chats to 197 chats/day/employee).
  • 800% increase in UCaaS adoption across teams.

There's An App For That

AppSmart has tools in its portfolio to help businesses from Enterprise level, down to SMB. The key is implementing the right software that allows for any organization to effectively manage it's remote workforce, regardless of the industry or vertical.