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Making Cloud Services Better with the Human Element

By Dan Saks / January 26, 2016

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In recent years we’ve all seen the almost infinite ways technology can make our lives easier. Computers and connected devices—and the cloud services that power them—are helping people do more than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to running a business. Today’s entrepreneurs have access to advanced cloud-based applications that make it possible to run an entire company from a desktop or tablet.

In an interesting twist, all of this powerful self-serve technology means that business users also need more help than ever before to get the most out of their software and devices. They need experts to show them what to do to get their business apps up and running, figure out what to do when something doesn’t work right, and help them find additional tools they may need.

In other words, business technology needs the human element.

That’s one reason why I’m proud to announce the latest addition to the AppDirect family of companies, Radialpoint. Founded in 1997, Radialpoint is the leading provider cloud and technical support services for small businesses and consumers. With its innovative technology and expertise, Radialpoint has secured partnerships with global industry leaders that include Windstream, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Media, SquareTrade, and many more.

At AppDirect, from day one our vision has been to make it easy for businesses to find, buy, and use software. Radialpoint shares that vision, and the company has helped millions of businesses and consumers solve their technology problems. Both of our companies have seen more and more businesses use cloud services, but in order for adoption to reach its full potential, users need easy access to expert support.

Working with Radialpoint, AppDirect now not only offers the most comprehensive cloud service commerce solution in the market, but we can fully realize our vision of making the human element a core part of the software sales and onboarding experience. We are thrilled to welcome the Radialpoint team to AppDirect, and we look forward to all of the amazing milestones we’ll be able to reach together.

You can learn more details about the acquisition by reading our press release. If you’re interested in knowing more about how AppDirect and Radialpoint can help you deliver a superior customer experience, visit our Premium Technical Support web page or let us know.

Daniel Saks is co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect.