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By R. J. Stangle / May 20, 2014

Welcome to our new AppHelp blog, a new space to discuss the ever-growing impact of technology support on the Customer Experience. I’d like start the conversation with a personal story that demonstrates exactly what AppHelp is all about: helping our customers deliver exceptional product support.

Recently, I sat down to watch House of Cards on Netflix. I typically access Netflix using my Panasonic Blu-Ray player. For some reason Netflix wasn’t working for me that night. I searched the Netflix website and Googled for solutions, I tried many recommended fixes but none did the trick. After about 20-minutes of search, trial & error I decided to bite the bullet and call Netflix support.

The agent I spoke with could not have been more committed to solving my problem (exactly what I expected of Netflix), but even after trying his best (including several trouble shooting steps with my Netgear router), the agent simply couldn’t solve my problem and suggested that the problem was with my Blu-Ray player that he unfortunately lacked the expertise to solve.

Before calling Panasonic as the logical next step, I decided to take matters into my own hands once again on the public web, this time with a focus on Panasonic. After scouring several user forums, and reading what seemed like endless different posts and points of view (all suggesting things I had already tried), I finally discovered the issue: a network DNS setting that I had to manually configure.

Unleashing the industry’s collective knowledge is key to deliver the experience consumers expect.

Wow! The fix couldn’t have been easier, taking all of 30-seconds, but why was it so hard to diagnose the issue? I’m not here to dump on Netflix—their service and support is amazing in my opinion—but even they can be humbled by the ever-expanding snarl of technological complexity the average consumer has invited into his or her home.

P.S.: After the fact I learned that the need to change DNS settings was most likely a result of my ISP’s streaming policies.

Our mission at AppHelp is to help vendors deliver outstanding customer support experiences. One of our key areas of focus is to ensure that the scope of customer support they deliver isn’t constrained by internal knowledge limitations. In a world where it takes Netflix + Netgear + Panasonic + my ISP playing nicely together to watch my favorite TV show, unleashing the industry’s collective knowledge is essential if we are to deliver the Customer Experience that consumers expect.

So let’s start talking! We’ll post new content every week and I welcome you to share your thoughts, insights, ideas and experiences.