Launch Successful Projects With TeamworkPM

By Doriane Mouret / Apr 13, 2011

Teamworkpm Screenshot

U.S. News and World Report ranked project management as the third most important skill set required by business professionals, behind only leadership/negotiation skills and business analysis. But today's project leaders have to launch successfully with new challenges, such as remote teams and streamlined budgets. This can make managing project more complex and stressful than ever before.

That's why entrepreneurs and managers should consider tapping into TeamworkPM to create a competitive edge. This easy-to-use online teamwork and project management software application helps managers, staff and clients collaborate more productively online. It infuses your organization with the discipline to consistently complete projects on time by offering help at every step, from problem solving through execution.

Even before this smart application was added to the AppDirect market, our team was using TeamworkPM. Our staff noticed its impact right away: It helped us break down problems, create project milestones, assign responsibilities to team members and track progress on projects. As our company grew, and we started working with foreign partners, we became even more reliant on this end-to-end project management solution.

Give this online project management system a try today. A free edition of TeamworkPM is available on AppDirect.