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Introducing the AppDirect Knowledge Base

By Juli Fischer / Jun 13, 2012

Kb Saas 01


Sometimes, the terms and concepts of cloud computing can get a little confusing. With a profusion of acronyms like SaaS, ISV and SMB—not to mention new industry spinoffs emerging every week—it’s easy to feel up to speed one minute, and left behind the next.

At AppDirect, our vision goes beyond building marketplaces; we want to change the face of IT. And we know you can’t change anything at all without providing guidance, leadership, and education.

To that end, we’re launching a new AppDirect Knowledge Base, which is designed to bring clarity the current state of cloud confusion. The Knowledge Base aims to help our partners and customers fully understand the context of doing business in the cloud service marketplace sector.

The first installment of this series, available now, is focused on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). In this article we explain what SaaS is, take you through its history, and discuss how SaaS is relevant to the future of the IT industry. In the following weeks, we’ll post articles on cloud computing, MaaS (Marketplace-as-a-Service), the concept of white labeling, and more.

Anyone can read Wikipedia, but our goal is explain these terms in a way that makes sense to individuals specifically interested in cloud services and marketplaces, like those developed by AppDirect. What do you want to learn about? Let us know, and we’ll explore it in depth.

Check back soon for our forthcoming article on cloud computing.