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Inside AppHelp’s 8th Hackathon

By Mary / Feb 03, 2015

AppHelp just hosted its 8th internal hackathon – where ideas were coded into reality.

We take this initiative as a company every quarter, and the rules are simple: 1. We hack on stuff that is somehow different from our day-to-day work. 2. We demo running code.

One of the unique things about this year’s Hackathon is the number of non-coders who contributed in a very tangible way, from leadership, marketing to project managers. Another interesting theme was the sheer number of different projects built on top of AppHelp technology that we’ve developed over time.


Category: Get connected

Winning Project: “VPN Ubiquity”

Use same VPN’s for accessing protected resources internally and externally. Support built-in Linux, Windows and Mac VPN protocols or/+ Cisco VPN client.

Category: New take on an old idea

Winning Project: “Reveal without browser extension”

Allow Reveal users to leverage the Reveal product inside IE, Firefox and Chrome without downloading an extension.

Category: Put a fork in it

Winning project: “SupportKit connects to ALL THE THINGS”

Connect SupportKit to your app, the Web, Unity-iOS (what’s up game developers!), Android, Windows Phone & PhoneGap apps!! To check out the web version live: go to SupportKit!

Category: Small step for the team, giant leap for the product

Winning project: “Revealation”

Using “topic modelling” (similar to how Netflix recommends movies and TV shows to you based on your interests), Revealation can model each Reveal user based on his/her personal collection to offer them a more personalized and relevant search experience and better way to categorize and manage their collections.

This project also won the People’s Choice Award, so Reveal users… expect to see this feature in the near future!

Category: Red Bull

Winning project: “Remote Automated Diagnostic Log Grabber”

This feature is part of a bigger unbrella to build a golden troubleshooting kit which would include logs timeline visualizer and backend logs scanner.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this Hackathon. We never cease to be inspired, surprised, impressed and excited by the ideas you make real.