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Honeywell Selects AppDirect to Power Its Application Marketplace

By Andy Ellerhorst / April 2, 2019

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In conversations about digital transformation, a common misconception often comes up: Born-in-the-cloud companies, some argue, have a natural advantage over older, more traditional organizations. In our experience, it simply isn't true. We've worked with long-established companies to launch marketplaces, build ecosystems, and create platforms that help them become leading digital-first companies.

It's not the age of the company that matters, but it's history of innovation that counts—something that AppDirect's new partner, Honeywell, has in spades. In early March, the storied industrial company announced the launch of its Honeywell Marketplace, a storefront for enterprise applications that serve Honeywell customers in a range of industries, from logistics and government, to retail and healthcare.

"At Honeywell, we are really focused on our customers and how we can deliver richer, more comprehensive solutions through software," explains Lori Haggart, Director of Global Software Partnerships for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. "As such, we wanted to create a space where our customers can find solutions for their needs delivered from both Honeywell as well as third parties."

For Honeywell, creating an easy-to-use marketplace was top of mind. With AppDirect, the company was able to do just that. 

For Honeywell, creating an easy-to-use marketplace experience was also top of mind. With the AppDirect platform's leading digital commerce capabilities—including advanced customization tools, a next-generation checkout flow, and instant provisioning—the company was able to do just that. "We also wanted to give [customers] an experience that they've come to expect from marketplaces like the Google Play store or the Apple iOS store," Haggart adds.

Currently, the marketplace offers about 30 applications developed by Honeywell, as well as around 50 applications developed by third parties. The company's goal is to onboard hundreds of applications by the end of the year.

At AppDirect, we are continually amazed by companies that can stay at the forefront of technology for as long as Honeywell has—134 years and counting. We are incredibly proud to work with Honeywell to help the company reach this latest milestone on its innovation journey.

You can click here to read more about the Honeywell Marketplace, or watch the Honeywell Live announcement below.

Andy Ellerhorst is Vice President of Customer Success at AppDirect.