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Google Partnership, Platform Updates Take Center Stage at Engage

By Dan Saks / Sep 26, 2017

Engage 2017 Announcements

When AppDirect was founded in 2009, our mission was clear: to help businesses find, buy, and use the technology tools they need to be successful. We didn’t fully realize it at the time, but making that vision a reality would mean nothing less than transforming the way the world buys and sells business software.

Today, on the main stage at our biggest annual event—the AppDirect Engage summit—we announced major new platform updates and partnerships that bring us even closer to that vision.

AppReseller: Going Beyond PRM—and Traditional Distribution—to Launch and Scale Faster

From talking to SaaS companies, both at Engage and in the course of our everyday work, we know that partner programs can be a valuable way for SaaS vendors to expand their global footprint and drive sales. Many SaaS vendors rely on Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools—which enable vendors to manage partner activities related to lead management, deal registration, and content sharing—to administer their programs.

To be successful, however, today’s SaaS companies need more. AppDirect’s new AppReseller product gives SaaS vendors a range of powerful features that traditional PRM tools can’t, including the ability to customize product offerings, revenue shares, and prices through a single portal. With AppReseller, SaaS companies can enable channel partners to place transactions and spin up accounts on behalf of customers in real time, and channel partners can use AppReseller to self-manage customer subscriptions as well.

These commerce-related features make distribution, fulfillment, and billing through indirect partners frictionless. Instead of facing the obstacles that can come with legacy software distribution, AppReseller makes it easy to grow channel programs quickly and on a global scale.

Cloud Management Suite: Integrated with More Productivity Tools

We’ve also made enhancements to the platform to benefit channel partners and their customers. The AppDirect Cloud Management Suite has received major upgrades that merge the digital commerce hub of AppMarket with the powerful productivity tools of AppInsights, AppWise, and AppIdentity. This means that providers can enable their end-user customers with more information that can help them work faster and be more productive.

In particular, the new Cloud Management Suite enables users to search, analyze, and access data from multiple cloud services, all within AppDirect. Moreover, the update gives users the ability to integrate and manage multiple cloud applications across their businesses from a central location accessible from the web and mobile devices.

AppDirect Now a Two-Tier Google Cloud Distributor

Turning from product to partnerships, we’re proud to announce that we’ve taken our relationship with Google to the next level. AppDirect is now a two-tier Google cloud distributor, which means AppDirect channel partners will have the ability to resell Google’s suite of cloud service products without having to sign a direct contract with Google.

As part of our new status, AppDirect can integrate the Google sales experience with any in-house services used by channel partners. This will enable our partners to use their existing sales processes, rather than spending time and resources to reinvent them from scratch. In addition, we will provide free training and support services to help AppDirect core distribution channel partners to sell Google’s products and services more effectively.

We’re proud of hard work and innovation that has gone into these new products and partnerships. As we look ahead, we’re excited to see how they will help move our customers, partners, and the cloud commerce industry as whole, forward.

Daniel Saks is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AppDirect.