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Did Geeksphone run out of ‘geeks’ to sell to?

By James MacTavish / Jul 21, 2015


Geeksphone originally established itself through manufacturing handsets based on Mozilla’s Firefox OS. After partnering with Silent Circle their “Blackphone” secure Android phone sparked the public’s interest. Geeksphone has now allegedly closed its handset business according to The Register. After a long line of phone and tablet manufacturers surrendering to competition from the giants of the industry and the Asian OEMs, Geeksphone now follows suit.

Although Geeksphone has been a white label OEM making phones for carriers and other brands, I can’t help but wonder if their particular name has played a role in their addressable market. Further research led me to this article, and credit goes to Escapist Magazine for this (copyright Escapist for the next piece):

One fifth of Americans are proud to be geeks

According to a survey, 17 percent of Americans self-identify as geeks.

Speaking of nerds, the survey makes a special point of addressing the differences between that term and geek. It seems that though nearly one-fifth of our population would write geek on their profile, very few are willing to also label themselves as nerds. Though 61 percent of respondents would call themselves nerds, the vast majority (87 percent) see a tangible difference between "geek" and its seemingly pejorative cousin.

The key issue this survey raises is why the general public suddenly sees the word geek as a badge of honor. According to the survey's results, people see geeks as particularly suited to work in the now-lucrative fields of information technology. Specifically, 65 percent saw geeks as perfect for employment as game designers and 50 percent see the sub-culture as ideal for roles as technology engineers.

That said, this raises an important question: Is the sudden societal affection for all things "geek" a passing fad spawned by the relatively modern ubiquity of all things technological, or have our societal norms simply advanced to the point that we are, as a species, more accepting of the quirks of others?

So, according to this article, 17% of the US population would have been a great addressable market!, but unfortunately that same 17% don’t own a Firefox phone. So maybe it wasn’t the name so much as the chose of handsets to launch that killed their business.

If you aren’t a fan of the Geeksphone name, maybe you would be into VeryKool phones. 

Regardless of your technology name preferences, VeryKool's video is a must-watch!