Free Wave Accounting App Makes Bookkeeping a Breeze

By Doriane Mouret / Aug 09, 2011

Waveaccounting Screenshot

You probably didn’t start a small business for the love of bookkeeping. The administrative tasks of small business operations are just something entrepreneurs have to live with, despite the hours they lose to the ledger.

But there's a solution entrepreneurs that could free up hours -- and budget: Wave Accounting is easy-to-use online accounting software specifically designed for freelancers and small business owners with up to 10 employees. It allows users to track revenue and expenses and manages day-to-day accounting tasks such as invoicing and tax preparation. A new Business Savings page provides savings opportunities and discounts exclusively to Wave customers.

And here's the kicker: It’s free. Even better, it will help you save money. Paul Searle, owner of Maxine Denver, says the free Wave Accounting software has saved money for his business in several ways. “Not only do we not have to pay for the service, but we don’t have to worry about accountant fees or late fees for doing our books wrong,” Searle says.

Ready to simplify your bookkeeping? Get the free edition of Wave Accounting on AppDirect.