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Four Important Considerations for your Enterprise App Ecosystem

By James MacTavish / Apr 28, 2015

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Gartner Research recently predicted that 25% of enterprises will have their own enterprise app store by 2017. Although this highlights that enterprise adoption of apps and app showcases for employees is still in its influential early days, it also highlights that many organizations will be exploring the complex waters of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and even BYOA (Bring Your Own App) without a clear strategy or plan. Letting employees download productivity and work related apps from public app stores may seem an easy win but bypassing IT mandated security policies and not supporting a mobile strategy can reduce and limit the efficiencies apps bring to your organization. If your organization is looking to hit the ground running with its own enterprise app store, here are four things you should remember to ensure it’s a success with your employees, partners, and business.

Remember its quality over quantity

Google Play and the Apple App Store have a near endless catalog of apps for a variety of categories. With these large catalogs comes with it the inherent difficulty in finding the right apps for your employees. It may seem like your app ecosystem will only be successful if it launches with a hundreds or thousands of apps. In actuality, enterprises supporting a massive catalog of apps and services can quickly become inefficient and complex. Instead provide strategic guidance in what apps you think will best serve your enterprise goals while also considering the most desired apps by your employees. Launch just a handful of apps and instead integrate a recommendation engine, employee ratings, and social features to help create the positive feedback loop you can utilize to constantly improve your app store and mobile strategy.

User experience should always be the priority

As more millennials enter the workforce they also bring their preference for high quality apps. A report by Compuware found that 80-90 percent of apps are downloaded and used once before deletion. It’s critical that you not only launch with a small curated selection of apps but also ensure that those apps are of the highest quality. Focus on providing well designed, polished, and user friendly apps to your users introducing them to the app store and ensuring that their experience is not only positive but something worth coming back to. Taking incremental steps and keeping it simple will help keep your app store targeted, easily manageable, and above all else, worthwhile to your users.

Empower your gatekeepers

Your users can go to the big app stores for their productivity and business apps but the fact remains that the security risk for a company’s private data and information to be leaked is substantially increased. One of the main reasons enterprise app stores proliferated was to overcome the less stringent security checks by the big app stores. It’s critical that when deploying your enterprise app store that you provide your IT authorities with the ability to enforce policies to control content easily and securely. Given that employees often need specific permissions for their roles, when it comes to your app implementation this shouldn’t change, IT should be involved in the thorough testing and vetting of all apps accessible and utilized by employees and any external parties or partners.

Your app store is your competitive advantage

Enterprise app stores are growing in popularity but no too are alike. An effective enterprise app ecosystems offers your employees a safe, intuitive, and efficient way to handle daily workflows and processes that undoubtedly benefit your overall competiveness in your market. To ensure your app ecosystem is successful remember to keep your focus tight, your IT involved, and adhere to a collaborative process with your users to ensure they are getting the app store they want to use every day.