First Impressions from CeBIT 2013

By Nessim Djerboua / March 24, 2013

Saks Dt Cebit Video

cebit-booth-floor.JPG Earlier this month, I traveled with the AppDirect team to the CeBIT global conference in Hanover, Germany. This was the second year in a row that AppDirect had a presence at the event, but it was my first time attending the conference.

As a first timer, I was struck by just how big CeBIT actually is. The show covers every type of tech topic you can imagine, from the "shareconomy" to the cloud, and much, much more. We were there with our partner, Deutsche Telekom, to highlight the Business Marketplace and all of the progress that's been made since we announced its launch last year on the CeBIT stage.

The Deutsche Telekom "booth" at CeBIT was huge, bigger than a football field, and a quarter of the space was devoted to the Business Marketplace. DT made it a point to showcase great SMB apps, such as Box and Microsoft Office 365, so they not only set up an executive lounge area devoted to its app marketplace, but also invited thousands of German SMBs to stop by and try the apps. cebit-executive.jpg

To capture some of this buzz, Deutsche Telekom produced a video at the conference that highlights the Business Marketplace. Click the play button below to hear executives from Box, Symantec, Strato, and Microsoft, as well as AppDirect's own co-CEO, Daniel Saks, talk about how DT’s app marketplace is changing the way companies do business.

Speaking of video, 2013 marked the second year in a row that Daniel gave a presentation at CeBIT. Video of his entire presentation will be available soon, and we’ll be sure to post it.

Nessim Djerboua is an account manager at AppDirect.