Find and Hire the Best Talent with Simplicant

By Doriane Mouret / Mar 30, 2012


In his recent article for Forbes, “The War for Tech Talent,” AppDirect CEO Daniel Saks explores the challenges recruiting professionals face when trying to hire top talent. In today’s competitive environment, finding the right skill set isn’t enough; to promote growth and profit, you need to make sure new employees are well aligned with the company’s culture and values. The “war for talent” requires the best tools, a need that most recruiting solution simply doesn’t meet.

These are the exact pain points the folks at Simplicant set out to address. “We were consistently disappointed by traditional recruiting methods and technologies,” explains Sajjad Masud, CEO at Simplicant. “We found the overall sourcing and hiring processes extremely inefficient, ineffective, and mostly cost prohibitive. Traditional job boards don’t take into account that recruiting is a rapidly evolving field, greatly influenced by changing economic trends and the paradigm shift caused by social media. This led us to build a system that elegantly addresses the most critical recruiting needs of today's growing businesses.”

Simplicant’s cloud-based platform takes you beyond traditional recruiting into the realm of “social recruiting” and talent engagement, where you can target and engage the best candidates like never before. Its powerful applicant tracking system streamlines the entire recruiting process from job creation and publishing, to candidate interviews and hires. With its innovative social media integration, Simplicant connects you with applicants on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

“Harnessing the power of social media is essential for successful referral-based hiring,” Sajjad advises. “In order to do this effectively, organizations need an easy-to-navigate solution that streamlines the strenuous task of sourcing, screening, and social recruiting. That is why we pay special attention to usability and to building a deep understanding both the employer and candidate perspectives.”

Because the Simplicant team understands that bringing the right talent on board is critical, they recently enhanced their recruiting platform by adding of many new features and functionalities:

  • Simplicant's "Share this job" feature now lets you send your open requisitions to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for increased viral exposure by your network
  • The app boasts advanced search, collaboration, evaluation, and embedded job board functionalities that are far superior to those of its competitors
  • Multi-posting enables you to publish your job once and have it reach the targeted audiences on the most popular job boards at no extra cost
  • Organizations can now reach and engage with talent directly on their Facebook page via Simplicant's Facebook App

Simplicant is a next-generation platform that can save you $3000 to $5000 per hire compared to traditional recruiting methods and job boards. You can try Simplicant for free on AppDirect and experience it for yourself; sign up today!