DocumenTree Makes Online Document Management Simple and Secure

By Doriane Mouret / Sep 13, 2011

Documentree Screenshot

According to the Boston Computing Network, 31 percent of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. Additionally, 140,000 hard drives crash each week in the United States alone. How you can keep your data safe? You can use DocumenTree.

DocumenTree is an online document management solution that lets users easily manage, share and secure documents online. With DocumenTree, users can enjoy the benefits of a paperless office, document collaboration, automatic data backups, and banking-level security. The app platform can also be branded with a company logo and color scheme to unify the user experience with an existing company website. Plus, companies only pay for contributing users who upload and manage documents; guest users get free view-only access.

“At DocumenTree, our focus is on saving you time and money through document services that leverage the power of the Internet. That power is put in your hands through our online document management system,” explains Perry Shenas, President at DocumenTree. “Web-based applications can dramatically increase the flow and value of information within and between organizations by using the existing IT infrastructure. Since access to the application is through a web browser, it is not necessary to update and maintain each and every user’s desktop in the organization, greatly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Clients, vendors and employees can gain quick and timely access to a wider variety of existing information, anytime, and from anywhere in the world.”

DocumenTree is a simple but very useful application, allowing users to safely and securely access their files from anywhere or any device. Start a free trial today through AppDirect!