Checkfront Offers Smart Online Booking Solution

By Doriane Mouret / March 28, 2011

Checkfront Screenshot

In 2008, Jason Morehouse and Grant Jurgeneit created Checkfront to fill a need: “We started out helping a friend who owns a small resort and was looking for software to manage his business online," Morehouse remembers. "After evaluating available options, we realized there was a big hole in the market.”

They created their smart solution to offer businesses with schedule and service based inventories an easy way to manage inventories online, centralize reservations, and process payments. Within seven months of launching, their new e-commerce platform processed three million dollars worth of online bookings.

It is no wonder that Checkfront was such a remarkable succees: It offers small to medium business merchants a complete booking and e-commerce toolbox including analytics, reporting, notifications, automated invoices and receipts. As Josh Pascoe from Pine Cliff Resort and Sunny Hill Resort notes, the platform helps you “streamline operations, save valuable time, increase convenience and work more efficiently while employing an affordable solution within [your] company.”

Checkfront also outdoes traditional booking platforms by seamlessly integrating into a merchant’s web properties and social media profiles to create a booking network. Checkfront technology automatically assumes the look and feel of a merchant’s local website to create a leading end-user self-service experience. Merchants can then extend their reach by using Checkfront to launch a deal on Groupon or offering booking through Facebook pages. In this way, Checkfront makes booking management software relevant to modern consumers.

We’re proud to be partners with Checkfront as we work together to offer small and medium sized businesses unified web-based software management. In the words of CEO Morehouse, “Unified software management is a dream come true for any size business. The days of arduous licensing agreements, and mismatched software is coming to an end. We’re happy to be a contributing part of that alongside of AppDirect.”

Checkfront is available on AppDirect. Start a free trial today.