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Business IT Support is Evolving – Fast!

By Ideas @ AppDirect / Mar 16, 2016

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Today, more businesses are using innovative cloud-based applications to operate and compete in ways they never could in the past. In fact, 92% of small businesses use at least one cloud business solution (SMB Group, 2014).

The smallest of bakeries can build a professional website in minutes. A local dry cleaner can automate digital marketing campaigns from his point-of-sale (POS) system. With a couple of clicks, a small business owner can purchase Office 365 for her entire team and increase productivity by moving their MS Office tools to the cloud.

These cloud-based services have disrupted traditional solutions and have allowed many businesses to flourish.

"SMBs that have adopted cloud technologies grew their revenue 15 percentage points faster than their counterparts using less technology." (Boston Consulting Group)

While the benefits of cloud can’t be ignored, these new technologies have also introduced some real challenges.

The baker can create a website on their own, but might need help learning some of the subtleties of the website building tools.

The small business owner can buy the Office 365 licenses to finally get rid of her old expensive, on-premise mail server, but she needs qualified help making sure her data makes it to the cloud without downtime or data loss.

And, when the dry cleaner’s monthly newsletter fails to go out, he doesn’t have the time to understand if the problem lies with his marketing software, mail server, spam filter or POS system.

"Up to 75% of SMBs experience PC maintenance issues, internet and peripheral problems." (Parks Associates)

More technology = More support

Although technology has evolved exponentially since 1997, one thing that hasn’t changed is that small businesses still can’t afford full-time, onsite IT support.

"81% of small businesses do not have a full-time IT staff." (SMB Group, 2014)

As the most critical functions inside of the modern business rely on technology, instant access to full scope business IT support has never been more important.

"60% of US SMBs are interested in new support services, and 45% are highly likely to use a broadband provider for technical support." (Parks Associates)

As technology evolves so must a service provider’s scope of support

The very role of the service provider is shifting to that of an IT advisor. That means being equipped to support a slew of business-based SaaS applications that can range from productivity apps like Office 365 and G Suite, to online accounting software, marketing automation and CRM systems. It also means being ready to support devices beyond BYOD to every “Thing” that is IoT-enabled.

That’s why we are thrilled to be joining the AppDirect family where we will offer our world-class technical support services to the more than 1 million businesses who turn to AppDirect-powered cloud marketplaces to find, buy and manage the technologies they need to compete and succeed.

More than 50,000 businesses already leverage AppHelp-powered technical support to help them install, activate, learn, and solve technical problems with their business technologies so they can focus on… everything else.

With the integration of AppHelp’s technical support platform into AppDirect-powered marketplaces, customers of AppDirect can now offer technical support to their customers with a fraction of the resources and time that was traditionally required to launch similar programs in the past.

For more information, download our latest white paper How SaaS is Changing the Support Needs of SMBs.