BootStrapToday Gives App Development Projects a Lift

By Doriane Mouret / May 05, 2011

Bootstraptoday Screenshot

Having trouble finding time to get your new app company off the ground? Fortunately, there’s an app for that!

BootStrapToday is a simple Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that helps developers seamlessly set up, maintain and upgrade project operations on the fly. By displaying all ongoing development projects in an intuitive interface, the application helps users focus on what matters most: creating value for your business through intelligent development work.

Each project in BootStrapToday has its own dashboard, wiki, project milestones, and advance filtering, all stored in one place. Now, developers can easily backup all project data from a single source, simplifying knowledge sharing and ensuring intellectual property isn’t lost in cyberspace. The application also offers a centralized ticket management feature to track bugs, development tasks, new features and QA review. These tickets can be prioritized and assigned to expert team members --with a complete record of the tickets captured in one location.

Anand Agarwal, Nitin Bhide and Vishwajeet Singh created BootStrapToday to meet their own needs. “We were working on some ideas for our startup and doing some prototypes while [we] were still employed with our [previous] company,” explains Agarwal. “Soon we realized it was really hard for us to collaborate on our ideas and share with each other as we were working on ideas in our free time. We explored many tools but somehow none of them could fulfill our requirement. So that led us to build our own platform, BootStrapToday.”

The platform has won over customers, including Shashi Sudhanshi, CEO at iLeadFarmers. “As our number of accounts grew, I was having a really tough time distributing the work between teams and keeping track of all progress,” says Sudhanshi. “We use BootStrapToday in my organization and our project management has become much better and easier for me. A quick view of everything on a Dashboard, that’s all I need.”

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