AppSmart Expands It's Channel Presence

By / November 22, 2019


Consortium Welcomes
“One-Stop Digital Services Store for the Channel”

(Charleston SC) Following the recent sales transaction between long-time Alliance member, Telegration, and San Francisco-based AppSmart, the Shareholders of The Alliance Partners have formally accepted AppSmart as a member of the Alliance consortium.

“AppSmart has an exciting business model and experience that enhances the thought leadership of the Alliance,” said Richard Murray, Telarus COO and Alliance Chairman. “We look forward to having their dynamic leadership team seated at our table.”

Telegration itself has been a high-profile member of the Alliance for nearly twenty years.

“The Telegration sale to AppSmart is a continuation of the evolution we expect in this channel,” said Bill Power, Alliance CEO. “Our members are on the leading edge of M&A activity and we’re excited for the opportunities this transaction gives both the Alliance and the channel at large.”

According to AppSmart company management, participation in the Alliance was an important factor in the acquisition decision.

“We’re approximately two months into our company collaboration with AppSmart,” according to Denis Raue, who transitioned from Telegration CEO to AppSmart’s VP Corporate Development with the acquisition. “It’s been a seamless integration as we work on how to present and represent value in all partnerships. I’m certain we’ll bring that same excellence to the Alliance Partners’ thought leadership.”

Unique in the channel partner landscape, the Alliance Partners brings together 17 of the country’s most successful telecom-technology master agencies and channel producers under one umbrella, which generates more than $4.5 million per month in combined technology and telecom sales. In addition to the massive combined sales engine, the Alliance offers the channel tremendous thought leadership through the owners and executives of the shareholder members.

About The Alliance

Since 1997, the Alliance, originally the Agent Alliance, has been a powerful voice for the channel. This diverse industry consortium of shareholders represents all industry sectors, from traditional communications to IT, cloud, storage and virtualization, mobility and converged IP services.

The Alliance is dedicated to fostering best business practices nationwide for the channel ecosystem. It is an important forum for education, collaboration and information-sharing, aimed at helping channel partners evolve their practices to remain competitive. The Alliance is able to leverage the unique and diverse expertise of its formidable member roster to put knowledge into practice in highly pragmatic ways to create an environment of continuous growth and improvement, which benefits partners, suppliers and clients alike. Learn more about The Alliance at

About AppSmart

AppSmart is the channel-led, one-stop shop for all B2B technology services. The company offers the industry's largest catalog of applications and services from leading providers—such as Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink—available through one website to access, manage, and get support. Tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes in all sectors, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, banking, education and more, trust AppSmart with their technology decisions. Learn more about Appsmart at