AppDirect Reports from the Cloud Channel Summit

By Gretchen Dukowitz / Dec 10, 2012

Cloud Channel Summit Appdirect

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, has been ground zero for technological innovation for more than 50 years. What better place, then, for the Cloud Channel Summit, an annual conference that explores the future of cloud computing?

Members of the AppDirect team recently ventured down to Mountain View for the day-long event held at the city's Computer History Museum. Our co-founder and co-CEO, Daniel Saks, spoke on a panel with executives from Comcast, DocuSign, Box, Rackspace, and VMware. Called New Channel/Partner Opportunities Being Created Via Cloud Marketplaces, the panel was all about, you guessed it, how cloud service marketplaces are opening doors for channels to reach customers in new ways. We captured some interviews with Daniel and the panel participants, so be sure to check back here soon for video coverage of the event.

Two members of our business team, Bremner Morris and Sam Bacon, were also at the summit and shared some of their thoughts about the other panels they attended. Overall, they were both struck by the shift towards best-in-breed solutions. As Bremner describes it, "With the movement of software solutions to the cloud, ISVs have a broader reach and have the ability to be distributed on a large scale. This has enabled smaller ISV players to distribute more niche solutions. Software is no longer viewed as an end-to-end solution, but rather as pieces that make up a whole. As a result, users are looking for best-in-breed applications that can be easily integrated to form a total solution.”

He continues: “This fragmentation has led to a shift in the way cloud solutions are consumed. To find the best applications in a crowded ecosystem, users are looking for channels to curate and bundle the appropriate applications to meet their needs. Now, users often look to trusted channel partners to research and determine what makes a best-in-breed application.”

Another dynamic that continues to affect the industry is the sheer growth in cloud service marketplaces. As Sam adds, “More channel partners understand that a well-curated marketplace provides an ideal location for end-users to find, purchase, and manage solutions in an intuitive manner. With that in mind, more and more channels are launching their own marketplaces, a number that will continue to rise as time goes on."

To learn more about how cloud service marketplaces are changing the way both channel partners and end-users consume cloud-based solutions, check out Cloud: The Business of Collaboration, a guest commentary that Daniel wrote for the Cloud Channel Summit blog.