AppDirect Partner Summit Set to Deliver a Unique Experience

By Richard Dufty / Aug 14, 2013

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The AppDirect offices are usually buzzing with activity, but for the past few weeks there’s been a definite air of excitement as we prepare for our first major company event, the AppDirect Partner Summit. Dozens of cloud conferences are held around the globe every year, but our Partner Summit is unique. Not only will the event connect cloud leaders from all over the world, but it’s also the only summit of its kind with an in-depth focus on cloud service brokerage (CSB).

Why concentrate on CSB? According to Gartner, global software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales are forecast to reach $22.1 billion by 2015. By that same year, 20 percent of cloud services will be intermediated by CSBs. We’re incredibly proud to lead the way in hosting an event devoted to exploring the challenges and opportunities that this growth will bring.

The Partner Summit is going to be different in another key way: Instead of a cavernous exhibition hall with hundreds of anonymous faces, the event is being held in an intimate setting with many opportunities for one-on-one networking with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Staples, Cox, Rackspace, Deutsche Telekom, TeliaSonera,, and Symantec. Symantec is also the lead sponsor for the event, joining Mural, Box, Mozy, McAfee, and Cloud Foundry as co-sponsors.

The Summit features sessions, panels, and keynotes that are highly focused on cloud trends and driving best practices for CSBs. In fact, Tiffani Bova, a lead analyst at Gartner who has done much to raise awareness about CSBs, is one of the Summit’s featured speakers. We’ve also got several major announcements on tap that are not only exciting news for AppDirect, but also show just how versatile CSB technology can be.

That’s actually one of the biggest reasons we encourage you to attend the AppDirect Partner Summit. You’ll be able to see the full breadth and depth of what marketplace technology can power, and you’ll walk away with a clear understanding that it’s much, much more than online storefronts.

The Summit takes place next month, September 10th through the 12th in downtown San Francisco. In addition to Summit sessions and keynotes, we'll be hosting a dinner on Pier 3 with amazing views of the Bay, as well as a cocktail party at the AppDirect offices. The Summit also happens to coincide with another exciting event being hosted in the city—the 34th annual America's Cup! Come for the AppDirect Partner Summit and stay for the races.

There’s still time to join us for all of these exciting events, so please click here to register. If you’d like to learn more before you sign up, you can read our press release or visit our dedicated Summit website.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Richard Dufty is VP of Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships at AppDirect.