AppDirect Networks at GigaOM Structure Conference

By Doriane Mouret / Jul 20, 2011

Gigaom Structure 2011

In June, the AppDirect team attended the fourth annual GigaOM Structure Conference in San Francisco, a conference on cloud computing and internet infrastructure that's imperative for executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and technology directors leading the industry. Speakers at Structure 2011 included renowned figures such as: Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware; Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon; John Stankey, President and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions; and Bob Toohey, President at Verizon Business.

At the conference, AppDirect's team had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas on important topics, such as the future of cloud services. Additionally, GigaOM interviewed AppDirect President & Co-CEO Daniel Saks to learn more about the company. "AppDirect helps businesses buy, sell and manage Software as a Service applications," said Saks, explaining the company's value proposition. "We make it really easy for businesses to discover these applications in our marketplace." Watch more of his interview to learn more about how AppDirect's unique offering can benefit your business.