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AppDirect Launches Activity Feed to Ease Account Management

By Doriane Mouret / Aug 23, 2011

Activity Feed

At AppDirect, our goal is to make it simpler for business owners to meet the needs of their customers -- and lower the costs of their operating budgets. That's why we provide solutions for the entire business, such as launching websites or setting up presentations for a conference, or even managing a team. We want AppDirect to provide a smooth, streamlined experience, which is we are always at work to launch and test new features.

Our newest feature, The AppDirect Activity Feed, was initially designed for our internal use. But, as Mary Becica, UI Designer at AppDirect, explains: “We quickly realized how powerful it would be in the customer's hands.” Customers can use the feed to see all the activities on their company's account with AppDirect, including new subscriptions or additional application. Our dashboard neatly displays this information all on a single page.


This feed will help users learn more about AppDirect's management proficiency and the breadth of its services. "A good user experience often depends on the product’s responsiveness when you use it – making the product come alive, in other words,” says AppDirect's Becica. “The activity feed is a great way to ensure the user learns the breadth and power of the account management section simply by increasing the transparency of what actions have been taken. It is especially valuable for companies with many employees – you can see what your coworkers are buying and which applications you may be interested in trying.”

Other Features: Simplified Application Management, More Accurate Filters on the MarketPlace

In order to improve the user experience even further, AppDirect enhanced the application management platform by simplifying the navigation. Customers have four different tabs to easily manage all their apps on AppDirect:


  • The "Manage Users" tab lets customers add or remove users, see how many apps they are assigned to and get quickly their contact details
  • The “Manage Apps” tab gives a quick overview of a company's apps – such as number of users and billing status – and lets customers update or cancel subscriptions
  • The “Assign Apps” tab enables customers to assign users to applications
  • The “Manage Bills” shows the status of all a company's bills and lets customers settle payments

Customers can rapidly jump to any of those tabs from the quick links on their dashboards.

Finally, we also added more filters to streamline the search engine on the AppDirect Marketplace, which allows customers to search for apps by category or industry, or get more specific by selecting subcategories. We also created attributes so customers can easily find free or featured apps. Plus, they can now sort by rating, relevance, popularity or even by “newest first."


For more information about the new features, please read our article on the AppDirect Support Center.