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AppDirect Erases the Lines Between Mobile- and Cloud-First Apps

By Dan Saks / Jun 25, 2014

Erasing The Lines Mobile Blog Image

For many of us, our mobile devices play a big part in our everyday lives; this is true at home, and increasingly at the office as well. Despite this rising popularity, using your own mobile device in the vast majority of corporate environments remains a challenge. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the AppDirect platform’s powerful features and functionalities can now be used seamlessly across both mobile devices and the web.

With these capabilities, AppDirect’s vision of a truly connected software ecosystem is one step closer to become a reality. Now, providers can enable businesses to offer popular apps in a way that is secure and easy to use. Employees can use their favorite storage app—like Box, for example—to archive sensitive work data using their personal mobile devices, and then access the same data from their desktops when they’re at the office.

Clearly that’s a huge improvement for end users, but providers can benefit as well. With the AppDirect platform, providers can offer a powerful yet flexible enterprise mobility solution that is easy to use and enhances the customer experience. You can read more about AppDirect’s mobile capabilities in our press release, just released over the wires this morning.

Even better, you can already see AppDirect’s mobile technology in action. Earlier this year, we announced a partnership with Samsung to power its KNOX Marketplace. KNOX was one of the most anticipated technologies at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and we were privileged to be there to share in the excitement. Watch our video to learn more about how AppDirect is erasing the lines between mobile- and cloud-first apps.