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AppDirect and Xendo, Solving the Cloud Management Challenge with Search

By Dan Saks / Mar 23, 2016

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Today, cloud services are putting more power in the hands of workers than ever before. This is true not only in terms of pure functionality—running a company’s entire payroll with a few clicks, for example—but also in terms of flexibility; employees can access these cloud-based applications anytime from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

As a result, businesses are eagerly adopting an ever-growing number of cloud services. In fact, today’s average information worker actively uses 30 cloud-based applications.1 The switch to cloud tools is a game-changer for companies of all sizes, but it also presents its own set of challenges. How do employees keep track of information across all of these apps? How can they find what they need quickly? For too many businesses, all too often the answer is simple: they don’t.

It’s a real problem with real consequences. A recent study found that workers spend an average of 3.5 hours searching for information each week, a figure that rises to 5.5 hours at larger companies with more than 2,000 employees.2 That may sound like a relative drop in the bucket, but over the course of a year those numbers add up to nearly a full month of eight-hour work days being spent looking for information.

A white paper from IDC drives the point home even more strongly. According to the analyst firm, time lost to searching for information can cost companies more than $19,000 per worker per year. This financial drag amounts to a loss of 21.3 percent of an organization’s total productivity.3

A major underlying cause of this lost productivity is easy to spot: fragmentation. When information is spread across many applications that don’t “talk” to each other very easily, it’s a recipe for inefficiency and frustration. IT departments are trying to address this issue with single sign-on (SSO) technology, which has eased the problem to some degree. Using one username and password to access every app is important, but it will only get you so far. SSO won’t eliminate the data silos that prevent employees from finding the information they need.

At AppDirect, we see cloud search capabilities as the critical next step in helping businesses find, buy, and manage cloud services most effectively. That’s one reason today is such an important milestone for us: We are welcoming Xendo, the leading provider of hosted search, to the AppDirect family of companies. Xendo’s core technology allows businesses to search for and access content across all of their apps, helping them be more productive. That functionality is the future of cloud management, and it’s going to be major component of AppDirect’s strategy as we move forward.

We’ll be following up with more updates about the integration of Xendo’s technology into the AppDirect platform in the following weeks and months. In the meantime, you can read more about Xendo, its innovative technology and team, and the acquisition in our press release. If you’re a service provider interested in offering Xendo to your business customers, click here, or you can visit Xendo to start using the application today.

Daniel Saks is co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect.

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