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AppDirect, ADP Lead with SaaS Ecosystem

By Dan Saks / October 8, 2014

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This week, AppDirect announced a collaboration with ADP—one of the world’s leading providers of human capital management solutions—to power its new cloud-based marketplace for HR and financial services. The marketplace is a first of its kind in the company’s sector, and ADP is breaking new ground in other key ways as well.

The ADP Marketplace is a single, simple location for customers to find, buy, and manage workforce management solutions. At the same time, ADP is launching an API-powered platform that developers can use to build and distribute software that is tightly integrated with ADP technology. In short, AppDirect is enabling the creation of a developer ecosystem to extend and enhance the capabilities of its core payroll solutions.

These types of ecosystems can be a key differentiator for any company that offers SaaS. In fact, according to our research, nearly 20 percent of Fortune 100 companies offer a developer program or public APIs to support ecosystems around their core products. With an ecosystem, SaaS providers can drive innovation in a quick, cost-effective manner that offers the ever-increasing value that customers demand.

None of this is possible, however, without powerful, easy-to-use technology that supports every side of the ecosystem, provider, customer, and developer alike. At AppDirect, we are proud to offer the only full-service, end-to-end solution that can power large SaaS ecosystems for a trusted global provider like ADP.

In the coming months and years, we look forward to seeing how the ADP SaaS ecosystem will grow, evolve, and innovate. We also look forward to working with even more types of businesses—from providers in human capital management, to financial services, to healthcare, and more—that can benefit from building an ecosystem around their technology offerings.

Daniel Saks is the co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect.