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AppDirect Addresses Job Site Phishing Scam

By AppDirect Recruiting Team / Nov 10, 2017

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We recently learned that an individual has been impersonating members of the AppDirect Human Resources, Recruiting, and Sales teams in a phishing scam. From what we understand, this person created a fictitious web domain and email address (, copied active AppDirect job listings, changed them to include the false contact information, and posted them to a job site. Several people applied through the false listings and received job offers from the phisher.

The phisher is not affiliated with AppDirect in any way. We are disappointed that the AppDirect name has been used to perpetrate one of these attacks.

If you were affected by this phishing scam, please let us know. That said, we are always looking for great people to join our growing team, so if you’re interested in applying for a position with AppDirect, we welcome you to explore our career opportunities.

Thank you from the AppDirect Recruiting Team.