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AppCarousel Poised For Growth By Joining AppDirect Family

By James MacTavish / Sep 22, 2015

Appdirect  App Carousel Hero

Earlier today, AppDirect announced that it had acquired AppCarousel (formerly Wmode). As one of the founding members of AppCarousel, I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of our dedicated team that today marks an incredible event in the history of AppCarousel. Often, so many of today’s acquisitions result in the decline or phasing out of the target company, not the case here. The acquisition of our company will only further extend our solutions and capabilities in the consumer IoT, connected car, and industrial internet markets.

AppDirect’s leadership has unequivocally endorsed our solutions and services, and are now underpinning AppCarousel’s app management push into the bustling Internet of Things (IoT) market. It is clear that the future of IoT will continue to be powered by apps – and what’s even clearer is the fact that the complexity of app management is challenging even those that are innovating in the space. While AppCarousel has a strong pedigree in app management for connected devices, AppDirect has demonstrated to the market their industry defining app management for cloud services. This combination lets us help businesses manage and monetize software across platforms and devices.

The future is promising for AppCarousel, and with the collaboration with AppDirect, we are now part of a powerful family that is ready to meet the app and software management challenges of enterprise and IoT today and in the future. We are growing and hiring, please check out our career opportunities.

Read the recent press release on the acquisition HERE