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Enhanced features of the first cloud commerce platform for connected vehicles

By Terry Hughes / Apr 25, 2016

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AppCarousel, the leading cloud commerce platform for connecting automotive infotainment, data and services with the Internet of Things (IoT), will be demonstrating their connected car marketplace at GENIVI’s 14th All Member Meeting held in Paris, France on April 26th-29th. The showcase will demonstrate the AppCarousel commerce suite in addition to its over-the-air (OTA) upgrade technology.

Automakers today are challenged with creating connected driving experiences that both increase value for their drivers and develop revenue models that extend past the initial sale of the vehicle. Utilizing the AppCarousel cloud commerce platform, automotive manufacturers (OEMs) are now able to deploy applications and updates efficiently, securely, and cost effectively while unlocking new revenue streams and business models. The AppCarousel platform allows drivers to securely discover and purchase the new apps and services they demand, while enabling OEMs to upsell warranties, servicing, app subscriptions, and feature enhancements.

Apps and services can be created by automakers and their network of partners, enabling a vibrant network of innovation that is key to any successful ecosystem. The AppCarousel platform empowers OEMs with complete control of their value chain including infotainment, data, services and software in real time.

Mobica, AppCarousel’s recently announced strategic partner and developer of connected car applications and services, is providing white label navigation that will be part of the showcase demonstration. AppCarousel and Mobica are GENIVI members. 

Additionally, AppCarousel is excited to announce that it was shortlisted for the TU-Automotive Awards in the “Newcomer of the Year” category. Winners are to be announced at the ceremony June 7th at the Hyatt Place Hotel, Novi, MI. The TU-Automotive Awards are the most prestigious and anticipated awards in the connected car industry. The glamorous ceremony aims to gather the leading minds of the connected car industry to highlight innovation and quality.

With 10 categories designed to highlight established and emerging companies, the TU-Automotive Awards attract over 400 nominations from all over the world. These awards recognize the leaders pushing the industry forward through innovation, industry engagement and quality products and services.