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AppCarousel customer PennyOwl featured on CNN

By James MacTavish / Nov 25, 2014

Pennyowl Cnn

The digital wallet, let alone the mobile wallet, industry was reignited by Apple Pay at this year's WWDC. With players like Google, PayPal, Visa, and every bank and mobile carrier looking to get a piece of the action, it shouldn't be a surprise that a new breed of startups are looking to capitalize on a cashless society. One such startup is AppCarousel customer PennyOwl, which touts a safe environment where children can learn about money, manage their savings, and spend in an online store parents control. They offer a platform that manages "pocket money" for a younger digital generation that is being exposed to computing and mobile devices earlier than ever before. We are delighted to be providing them our App Ecosystem Management solutions such as a child-friendly app market catalog, the back-office tools to manage it, and providing developer recruitment services to ensure there is a compelling portfolio of products for their users. They were recently mentioned as part of a CNN Money and CNN Tech feature entitled, "The coolest ways to pay without a wallet". Backed by MasterCard, PennyOwl's first product is now rolling out a beta mobile app that offers young children a parent-controlled mobile wallet and mobile commerce store all-in-one. This makes it easy for parents to not only empower their children to make decisions, but allows their children to gain access to only the apps and products that they deem are best.

The coolest ways to pay without a Wallet - CNN Coverage (Skip to 1:47 to see PennyOwl's approach to money)