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AppCarousel becomes a part of the wearable revolution at SXSW

By Terry Hughes / Apr 20, 2014

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San Francisco, CA — Apr. 22, 2014 — Wearables are still a hot topic, well after the initial buzz at South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas back in March. Judging by the level of interest seen by AppCarousel, every wearable device needs a complementary app ecosystem.

Most connected devices have downloadable software and apps, whether its a motion sensor such as Leap Motion, navigation devices such as TomTom, routers such as Linksys, or Samsung’s range of refrigerators. This year, we’ve seen significant growth in the connected car, as automobile manufacturers reveal their in-car app platforms. Some devices download the apps to the device itself, some to a companion device such as a smartphone or tablet, but as the number of connected devices grows, the need to provide app management and developer programs grows too. In today’s Internet of Things (IoT), a device is nothing without a robust app delivery platform and app store system to underpin the manufacturer’s distribution, consumer engagement and revenue strategies.

When Muzik, a manufacturer of socially connected headphones, approached AppCarousel it was obvious why Muzik needed a developer portal, developer program and app management platform. Muzik’s headphones allow consumers to share their music preferences with friends, and Muzik-compatible apps learn the consumer’s preferences and create a unique listening experience. Muzik’s challenge at SXSW was to quickly create an ecosystem of developers that would embrace Muzik’s SDK and APIs to create compatible apps. AppCarousel customized its white-labelled developer portal for Muzik, enabling mobile app developers to register, access information on how to create optimized apps, and then submit their completed apps for inclusion in the app showcase, also hosted by AppCarousel.

AppCarousel had the developer portal up and running quickly by taking its standard developer program front-end, and customizing it for Muzik’s workflows. AppCarousel provided a full app store experience for Muzik’s consumers by taking its custom app store platform and ingesting the submitted apps, enabling merchandising and promotions to those consumers. In effect, AppCarousel provided Muzik with an end-to-end app management solution all the way from the developer’s initial interest to consumers discovering relevant apps for their new device purchase.

Muzik was not only able to demonstrate and show off its headphones at SXSW, but also its own app ecosystem and community of developers who embraced its SDKs and APIs. Muzik is typical of many new entrants into the worlds of connected devices, Machine to Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things who understand that merely having a device is not enough. Consumers today expect software, services and solutions to complement those devices, and the device manufacturers need to create their own developer ecosystems based around apps and the ongoing revenue that app ecosystems bring.

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