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AppCarousel and Jaguar Land Rover present at IoT West conference in Las Vegas

By Emanuel Bertolin / Oct 25, 2015

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On Nov.6, Emanuel Bertolin from AppCarousel is presenting a paper at IoT West in Las Vegas on the Rise of Niche App Ecosystem - Discovery and Security for the Connected Car.AppCarousel is the provider of Jaguar Land Rover’s cloud app platform delivering infotainment to Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles so the two companies will be explaining how they work together to make the connected car a reality.The rise of the micro app ecosystem for niche markets and the connected car cropping up daily, and wearables are practically de rigueur in the workplace. However, without the necessary tools to help support these new, unique ecosystems, whether on your wrist or in your car, consumers will be left in the dark or be forced to wade through the tides of the Google and Apple app stores. Users today are inundated with millions of unhelpful apps from Google and Apple, so it’s no wonder that many are now seeing the need for the availability of micro app stores and developer ecosystems, especially when it’s to ensure the safety of a driver in a connected car. For example, within the burgeoning connected car market, car manufacturers are looking for applications, digital media and cloud services to meet the requirements for their in-vehicle infotainment offerings that exceed the needs of their users, without putting their drivers in danger. Emanuel Bertolin will detail why, with apps and content now a prominent source of differentiation and added value for companies, the new normal requires that these new gadgets and cars build their own mini app worlds for their products to provide just those services that their customers and partners crave.The IoT West conference is set to be one of the most interesting Internet of Things events in the calendar because there are sessions on IoT connectivity, Industry 4.0, IoT protocols and standards, security, the impact of cloud on IoT, the Internet of Things ecosystem and value chain, M2M (machine to machine communications), industrial internet, enterprise IoT, wearables, SOTA, and of course the connected car, which is what Emanuel's talk is all about.