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Android Users Want to Control TV and Video Experience with Their Phones (Infographic)

By James MacTavish / May 29, 2014

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(Written by Adam Flomenbaum in LostRemote on May 30 2014

AppCarousel, a leading app creation and app management company used by many mobile phone and TV manufacturers, recently launched ReachPlay, an over-the-top media solution.

ReachPlay is a video and advertising platform that will allow content creators, networks, and aggregators to deliver a seamless TV Everywhere experience to users that is also profitable. ReachPlay will support Google Chromecast, and will be developed with a mobile-first mindset.

Why mobile-first? ReachPlay recently surveyed Android users in the US on their TV viewing habits, and the results confirm that mobile is the preferred choice for watching video:

– 44% of respondents want to control their TVs with their smartphones; 42% want to use a traditional remote.

– 99% of respondents said they watched video. Smartphones narrowly edged TV as the top device for video consumption at 79%.

Reachplay TV Infographic