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Alfred + Xendo = Search from your desktop

By AppWise / Dec 06, 2015

We've been asked many times about providing a more integrated 'Spotlight for the Cloud' experience and while we have something special in the works, there are great productivity tools like Alfred, the Productivity App for Mac OS X already in wide use, so we wanted to share a quick tutorial on setting-up Alfred to work with Xendo so you can quickly find any of your cloud-based emails, documents or presentations with the full power of Xendo, directly from yor desktop.

Once you've integrated Xendo, you can summon it using the keyword 'xendo' (or you can create any name you'd like).


So, let's get started, it only takes a couple of minutes to get setup.

  1. Open your Alfred Preferences panel (from the Alfred icon in your top toolbar). In the Features tab, select Web Search. Here you're going to add xendo as a custom search.


2. Click on the Add Custom Search button at the bottom to begin.


3. In the Search URL field, enter:{query}
4. Give your Xendo custom a Title, like 'Search Xendo for {query}' and select a Keyword 'xendo' to activate searching with Xendo.
5. Validate your setup by entering a search term, like 'alfredapp' in the Validation field that'll be used to test searching in Xendo from Alfred.
6. Click the Save button and you're ready to go.
7. Now, you can simply search via Xendo by activating Alfred and using the key word 'xendo' to search in Salesforce or any of the accounts you've connected to Xendo.


Let us know how you get on and whether there are other apps you'd like us to integrate. Enjoy!