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Add Flexibility to Data Visualizations with Widget Options

By Kally Pan / Sep 22, 2016

Data Visualizations

Beautiful data visualizations grab the eye and focus attention on a specific characteristic of a data set, but small things like axis labels, units, and legends are really important as well. Is the range in days or weeks, are the values in Dollars or Euros? Answers to these questions gives you the information to help contextualize the data set.

Data Visualization Options

AppInsights offers a number of options that add details like custom min/max values and change indicators that add flexibility to how data is displayed. A recent update will now bring you a lot more options for every data visualization. These options include inputs for custom prefixes and suffixes, set specific rounding rules, insert gridlines, hide legends, and more.

Sample of Data Visualization Options

Sample of Data Visualization Options

Simply open the widget settings menu and the appropriate options for each data visualization can be found there. Test out their functions and see how they can help you communicate data more effectively.